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Sermons from Holy Trinity Hampton


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There’s something mysterious about the way God uses human gifts and abilities (and sometimes the lack of them!) to convey his Kingdom into this world. The following sermons are attempts to bring to glorious life the Kingdom of God in our midst in new and vivid ways that speak of Jesus and The Way of Life that he proclaims. However, these sermons are merely springboards for deeper conversations and are often collections of notes, quotes, musings and reflections and though they can be easily read, they are much better heard live!

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A recent sermon by locum Vicar Rev'd Stephen Hill
14/09/2014 Forgiveness
Some sermons from 2013
06/10/2013 Disciplined Christianity
02/10/2013 Taxes and Treason
02/10/2013 Prayer on the spot
29/09/2013 Being bloody honest before God
28/09/2013 Real Baptism
25/09/2013 Now for the climax
22/09/2013 Jesus is the One
18/09/2013 The Repentant Rich Man
15/09/2013 Celebrate your Transformation
11/09/2013 Love of money is a killer
08/09/2013 He's a changed man
04/09/2013 Humility and Forgiveness
01/09/2013 Sex, Power, Money, Suffering
28/08/2013 Being faithful to God, especially with money
25/08/2013 Join the Army ... Joining the Church
25/08/2013 Being the new kid in God's new town
21/08/2013 The Dishonest Manager and his Dishonest Master
18/08/2013 Being Responsible with God's Gifts
14/08/2013 Lost but now Found
11/08/2013 Transfiguration
10/08/2013 Holiness
28/07/2013 Healing, by Revd John Phillips
21/07/2013 Signs of Grace, by Revd John Phillips

Earlier sermons from 2009 and 2010:
24/12/2010 What's Happened to Christmas?

Other Talks and Articles:
John the Baptist A Talk for an Ecumenical Advent Study Group